Livestock Impacts

The Most Important Issue of Our Time

We’re currently living through the sixth mass extinction event since fossil records began, over 540 million years ago. These are events when more than 50% of all living species become extinct. It’s hard to conceive of any greater tragedy, than the wholesale destruction of the other living species with whom we share our plant. And this is compounded by the fact that this is very much a tragedy of our own making.

(Pigs who survived the hurricane and escaped their farm, swim through flood water)

North Carolina, USA

The livestock sector is one of the major causes of this wholesale biodiversity loss. It is a major cause of deforestation, water use and pollution, desertification, and greenhouse gas emissions. It subjects over 70 billion animals annually to premature deaths, frequently after living crowded, stressful lives, in severely deprived environments, where their welfare is routinely and severely compromised. And its products are damaging human health. Overconsumption of livestock products are creating pandemics of potentially lethal conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity, and too many others

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